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We care in growing together with our employees, more than a team we are a family, and your success is important to us, that's why we offer to you the opportunity to grow, learn and advance in your career.


In Si Señor we are a family restaurant that strongly believes that our employees are the key ingredient to our success, past, present and most definitely future. In order for us to continue to fuel our expansion plans, we look for talent that is willing to join an energetic, friendly, service and oriented team.


We know that to encourage the superior performance of our team members, we must create and maintain an attractive and traditional place to work, a place where people can grow and learn lasting life skills. Developing our people is a cornerstone of our business model, and we are proud

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1- Dishwashing: The primary responsibility is to wash, rinse and sanitize dishes, glassware, utensils and kitchen equipment either by hand or using commercial dishwashing machines.

2- Preparation: Sort and stack dishes and utensils appropriately, ensuring that similar items are grouped together for efficient washing and storage.

3- Cleanliness: Maintain a clean and organized dishwashing area, including regularly emptying trash and recycling bins and ensuring the floor is dry and free of debris to prevent accidents.

4- Kitchen Assistance: Assist kitchen staff by providing them with clean dishes and utensils as needed, which may include restocking serving stations during busy periods.

5- Equipment Maintenance: Perform routing maintenance on dishwashing machine such as cleaning filters and checking for any malfunctions and report any issues to the appropriate personnel.

6- Compliance: Adhere to food safety and sanitation regulations to ensure the safety of the food being served to customers.

7- Teamwork: Collaborate with other kitchen staff to ensure a smooth flow of dishes and maintain a positive working environment.

8- Time Management: Manage the flow of dishes efficiently to ensure that there are always clean dishes available for the kitchen and dining areas.

9- Adaptability: Be prepared to take on additional tasks as needed during busy times or to fill in for other kitchen positions when required.

10- Communication: Communicate effectively with kitchen and waitstaff to coordinate dishwashing tasks and respond to their needs promptly.

Overall, the role of a dishwasher is essential in keeping a kitchen running smoothly, ensuring food safety, and maintaining a clean and organized workspace for the culinary team.

1- Food preparation: Prepare ingredients by chopping, slicing and measuring them according to the recipes and menu items.

2- Cooking: Cook a variety of dishes, including appetizers entrees and desserts, using various cooking techniques such a grilling, sautéing, frying, baking and broiling.

3- Recipe Adherence: Follow recipes and portion guidelines to ensure consistent quality and portion size for all dishes.

4- Quality control: Monitor food while it’s cooking to ensure it is prepared to the restaurant’s quality standards in terms of taste, texture and presentation.

5- Timeless: Coordinate with other kitchen staff to ensure that all dishes are prepared and delivered to customers in a timely.

6- Cleanliness: Maintain a clean and organized work area, including cleaning and sanitizing cooking utensils, pots, pans and cooking surfaces.

7- Inventory Management: Assist with inventory control by tracking ingredient levels and reporting when supplies need to be replenished.

8- Menu Development: Collaborate with chefs and kitchen managers to develop and refine menu items, as well as suggest improvements or changes based on customer feedback.

9- Food Safety: Adhere to food safety and sanitation guidelines, ensuring that food is stored, prepared and served safely to prevent contamination.

10- Teamwork: Work collaboratively with other kitchen staff, including sous chefs, line cooks and kitchen assistants to ensure smooth kitchen operations.

11- Adaptability: Be flexible and able to work various shifts, adapt to menu changes, and step into cover other kitchen positions when necessary.

12- Creativity: Some cooks may have the opportunity to contribute to menu development and bring there creativity to the kitchen by creating new dishes or specials.

13- Customer Services: In open kitchen settings, interact with customers, answer questions about the menu and accommodate special dietary request when is possible.

14- Cost Control: Minimize food waste and maintain portion control to help manage food costs effectively.

Restaurant cooks play a critical role in delivering a positive dining experience to customers by preparing delicious and consistent meals while maintaining high standards of food safety and kitchen organization. 

Bartenders in a restaurant have diverse duties and responsibilities, which are essential for ensuring a well-run bar and delivering a great customer experience. Here’s an overview of their typical tasks:

1. *Mixing and Serving Drinks*: Bartenders prepare and serve a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, following recipes and ensuring that drinks are made to customer specifications.

2. *Customer Service*: They provide excellent customer service by greeting patrons, taking drink orders, engaging in conversation, and ensuring that guests have a positive experience at the bar.

3. *Menu Knowledge*: Bartenders are knowledgeable about the bar’s drink menu, including cocktails, wines, beers, and other beverages. They can offer recommendations and answer questions about the drinks.

4. *Inventory Management*: They monitor and manage the bar’s inventory of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, garnishes, and supplies. This includes ordering, restocking, and keeping track of stock levels.

5. *Bartending Equipment*: Bartenders maintain and clean bar tools and equipment such as shakers, glassware, and utensils. They ensure that everything is in good working condition.

6. *Cash Handling*: They handle cash and process payments accurately, including giving change and keeping track of tabs.

7. *Responsible Service*: Bartenders must serve alcohol responsibly, adhering to legal drinking age restrictions and ensuring that customers are not over-served.

8. *Safety and Hygiene*: They follow safety and hygiene protocols to maintain a clean and safe bar environment. This includes proper handling of glassware, disposal of waste, and maintaining cleanliness behind the bar.

9. *Creating and Innovating Drinks*: Some bartenders have the creative freedom to invent new cocktails or put their unique twist on classic drinks, which can be a draw for customers.

10. *Handling Difficult Situations*: Bartenders should be prepared to handle difficult or unruly customers and know when to involve security or management.

11. *Teamwork*: They often work closely with waitstaff, kitchen staff, and other bartenders to ensure smooth operations, especially during busy shifts.

12. *Knowledge of Laws and Regulations*: Bartenders need to be aware of local alcohol laws and regulations, including responsible service of alcohol and legal drinking age.

13. *Cleaning and Closing*: They are responsible for cleaning the bar area at the end of their shift, including sanitizing surfaces, restocking supplies, and securely storing cash.

Overall, bartenders play a central role in a restaurant’s success by providing quality drinks and creating a welcoming atmosphere for patrons. Their combination of mixology skills, customer service, and responsible alcohol service is crucial for a positive dining experience.

Restaurant hosts or hostesses are often the first point of contact for guests, and they play a vital role in creating a positive first impression and ensuring a smooth dining experience. Their duties and responsibilities typically include:

1. *Greeting and Seating Guests*: Hosts/hostesses warmly welcome arriving guests, inquire about reservations, and guide them to available tables. They manage the restaurant’s seating chart to optimize table assignments.

2. *Reservations*: They take and manage reservations, ensuring that tables are allocated efficiently and that there’s a proper balance between reservations and walk-in guests.

3. *Waitlist Management*: If the restaurant is busy, they maintain a waitlist, estimate wait times, and inform guests about the status of their table.

4. *Coordinating with Servers*: Hosts/hostesses communicate with the serving staff to ensure that tables are prepared and cleaned promptly for incoming guests. They facilitate communication between the front and back of the house.

5. *Guest Information*: They may provide guests with menus, explain specials, and answer basic questions about the restaurant’s offerings.

6. *Seating Arrangement*: Hosts/hostesses consider guest preferences, table sizes, and server sections when seating guests to ensure even distribution of customers among the servers.

7. *Assisting with Special Requests*: They accommodate special seating requests, such as highchairs for children or wheelchair accessibility, to meet guest needs.

8. *Maintaining the Waiting Area*: They keep the waiting area clean and organized, ensuring that it’s comfortable for guests. This can include tidying up magazines, adjusting lighting, and managing the coat check.

9. *Managing Reservations Software*: Some hosts/hostesses use reservation management software to track reservations, manage table availability, and provide real-time information to guests.

10. *Handling Guest Concerns*: If guests have issues or complaints, hosts/hostesses should address them politely and professionally, escalating to management if necessary.

11. *Cash Handling*: They may handle cash transactions for reservation deposits or waitlist fees.

12. *Assisting in Closing*: At the end of their shift, they help with closing tasks such as updating reservation records and preparing for the next day.

13. *Communication Skills*: Effective communication with guests and staff members is essential to ensure a smooth flow of guests in and out of the restaurant.

14. *Teamwork*: They collaborate with other front-of-house staff members to ensure a coordinated effort to provide excellent service.

15. *Appearance*: Hosts/hostesses typically adhere to dress codes and maintain a neat and professional appearance.

Overall, restaurant hosts and hostesses are essential for maintaining order in the dining area, managing guest flow, and creating a welcoming atmosphere that sets the stage for an enjoyable dining experience.

A restaurant busser plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth dining experience for customers. Their duties and responsibilities typically include:

1- Table Setting and Cleaning: Bussers set up dining tables with clean utensils, glassware and tableware before guests arrive. They also clear tables of used dishes glasses and customers finish their meals.

2- Cleaning and Sanitizing: Bussers are responsable for keeping the dining area clean and sanitized. This include wiping down tables, chairs and any other surfaces as well as ensuring that the dining area looks tidy.

3- Refilling Supplies: They replenish items like napkins, condiments and salt and pepper shakers as needed. 

4- Assisting Servers: Bussers support waitstaff by delivering food and beverages from the kitchen to the tables. They may also assist in serving tortillas, chips, bread or appetizers.

5- Customer Service: While bussers don’t take orders or interact with customers as extensively as servers, they should still be polite and attentive to customer needs. This can include assisting with special request and ensuring guests have a positive experience.

6- Handling Dirty Dishes: Bussers are responsable for collecting used dishes, silverware and glassware and taking them to the dishwashing.

7- Restocking Supplies: They ensure that the restaurant is well-stocked with essential items such as clean linens, glassware and utensils.

8- Assisting in Closing: At the end of the shift, bussers often help with closing duties, such as cleaning and restocking for the next day.

9- Teamwork: Bussers need to work closely with servers, kitchen staff and other restaurant employees to maintain a coordinated and efficient operation.

10- Safety and Hygiene: They must follow safety and hygiene protocols to ensure food safety and a clean environment for customers.

In general, busboys or bussers hold a crucial position in upholding the cleanliness and operational efficiency of a restaurant, ultimately enhancing the dining experience for patrons.

1- Greeting and sitting guests.

2- Presenting menus and explaining menu items.

3- Taking food and beverage orders accurately.

4- Communicating orders to the kitchen and bar staff.

5- Serving food and drinks to guests.

6- Checking in with diners to ensure satisfaction and address any issues.

7- Preparing and setting up dining areas before service.

8- Clearing and resetting tables after guest leave.

9- Handling payment transactions and providing receipts.

10- Upselling additional menu items or specials.

11- Knowledge of food and beverages offering and been able to answer questions.

12- Maintaining  a clean and organized work area.

13- Handling customer inquiries and complaints professionally.

14- Collaborating with other staff members to provide excellent service.

15- Adhering to health and safety guidelines.

16- Monitoring and replenishing supplies as needed.

The responsibilities may vary depending on the restaurant improvements.


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